The Resistance

The Resistance

I’m learning about this thing called resistance. It’s this force that is keeping you from doing what you’re called to do, what you know deep down you should be doing. Instead, you are wiping out your kitchen sink for the thousandth time, you are folding laundry, you are scrolling on your phone. That’s resistance.

My closest peeps know this about me, but I have a minor in creative writing. Scratch that. I was one class short of receiving my creativing writing minor. But you know what, tomatOH tomAHto, I say I have a minor in creative writing. All that to say, I fell in love with words a long time ago before I even know what was happening, certainly before I knew about resistance.

So, I’ve taken about a 10 year hiatus from writing. Ya know, between marriage, and houses, and businesses and those two kids of mine, it’s been a little hectic. I didn’t have a name for it, but it was resistance and I’ve let it win for over a decade. I’ve talked with Spencer on and off over the years about writing, and I always cry when the conversation gets serious, when he encourages me to do it, when he nudges me to go for it. I cry because I’m scared and because it is the strangest thing to want to write about your life, to put it out there in the universe not knowing where it may end up.

But of course, the things we are most scared of, the things we are most hesitant to do, we must do. How else would we grow? How else would we become better humans? How else would we begin to shine just a little bit brighter?

So here I am, committing to putting pen to paper (who am I kidding, there is no pen to paper anymore unless you’re in church doodling on your bulletin, I mean taking notes) or rather fingers to keys. I am taking a step forward, putting myself out there, holding my breath and then letting it go. You will never be able to run a marathon if you don’t start practicing for it, one mile a time. Well here I am, practicing, one long slow mile at a time

I’ve created this place to get started, to fight the resistance. And I’m asking you to join me, to follow along. Maybe somewhere along the way you’ll learn something about yourself, we will learn something about each other. Take a deep breath, close your eyes: what is that one thing you’re scared to admit you want to do? What is the one thing you think you’re not qualified for, that one thing that sits deep in the pit of your stomach, vowing with a cold stare to stay buried inside you? What is that one thing that when you try and bring it to the surface, your heart pounds, your palms sweat?

That’s your thing.

Maybe you are already living out your calling. You’re writing every day or singing or painting. But I bet you still have to fight resistance. So I say let’s do it together, let’s reach into the depths and bring out whatever is hiding, let’s hold it in the palms of our hands and extend them out, an offering to the world around us.

Let’s fight the resistance.

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